Ergonomic Data

We are free-lance group of Russian information technology experts who live in Taganrog and work in Internet.

Our projects

Historic.Ru - historical site on Russian language. We are collecting historic books, articles, mythological dictionaries, philosophical works, information of arts and museums... Our scientific works connect with making intelligent chat bot. It is interesting to let chat bot have historic knowledge. The result of our works will be chat bot - historical guide.

Open Russia - articles and books about Russia: Russian history, regions, museums and arts.

US Virgin Islands - road map of St.Croix, St.Thomas and St.John. We took part in collecting geographical data and processed it. In result we build web site with functions of routing and searching POIs. This site based on ESRI RouteMAP IMS 2.5

Contact e-mail: (Alex S. Zlygostev)